Power Department of Sikkim OR Sikkim Power Department



Name of Project

Date of commence-


 Target date of completion




Integration of New Sub-Stations, Generating Stations under North District with Existing Central Load Dispatch Centre (CLDC) with Facility for Energy Auditing, Sikkim.





The work is under advanced stage of completion. All works have been completed except commissioning of MUX and VOIP works by the technical commissioning engineers.



Diversion of 66 KV Tr. Line from Tadong Sub-Station to I.C.A.R Compound in D/C 66 KV tower for independent circuit for Phodong/North Sikkim including improvement of ground clearance of the 66 KV transmission system in North and East Districts.






Part A: Tadong Sub-station to I.C.A.R compound.

-6 no of 66KV D/C tower completed.

-Dismantling of existing 66KV S/C Tr. Line up to location no. 6 completed.

-One Bay at 66 KV switchyard, Tadong for Dikchu/ Phodong feeder completed.

- Side labeling protective work and equipment foundation for Bay extension at Tadong completed.

- Material for 3 no. of 66 KV S/C towers received.

- Stub-setting of one location at Linkey completed and work in progress.

-Part B: I.C.A.R. to Phudong and North Sikkim.

- 4 no. of 66 KV S/C towers erected.

-8 nos. of stub setting and protective wall completed.

- Work progress hampered due to difficult terrain and frequent blockage of road during rainy season. Limited and scarce land causing delay in accruing land from the owner. Progress, however, is being made for the land acquisition.





Construction of 10 Nos. Micro Hydels (Total 825 KW) in Sikkim.


1.       Bala Micro Hydel Project, Assam      Linzey(2x50 KW).


2.       Buthang Micro Hydel Project, Assam Linzey, East Sikkim (2x50 KW).



3.       Sawa Micro Hydel Project Dalapchen, East Sikkim (2x50 KW).


4.       Lingtam Micro Hedel Project, Lingtam, East Sikkim (2x50 KW).



5.       Lamaten Micro Hydel Project,(2x50 KW)


6.       Kumrek, East Sikkim (2x50 KW).



7.       Lower Dalapchen Micro Hydel Project, Dalapchen, East Sikkim (25 KW).


8.       Bakcha Micro Hydel Project (100KW), North Sikkim.



9.       B-8 Micro Hydel Project (40KW), North Sikkim.



10.   Phensong Micro Hydel Project (60 KW), North Sikkim.



December 2013 for Sl.No. 3,4,5 & 7.

September 2014 for

Sl.No. 9 & 10.


April 2015 for Sl No.8.


31st March 2016

1. NOC from the private holders was obtained during inception of the project, however later there was conflict of interest and since land was not available the project stands concelled vide cabinet decision.

2. - do -
3. Power house and intake stricture in advanced stage of completion. There was undue delay in the project implementation for want of forest clearance, which has now been obtained.

4. Power house and intake structure in advance stage of completion. The reason for delay is same as stated in Sl.No.3 above.

5. Power house, intake structure and Saddle blocks for water conductor in advanced stage of completion, foundation works for forebay completed. The reason for delay is same as stated in Sl.No.3 above.
6. Power house frame structure completed. However, forest clearance is awaited for the diversion of forestland for the intake works.
7. Power house, intake structure, water conductor and forebay in advanced stage of completion. Some portion of water conductor comprising of HDPE pipes damaged in flash flood i/c one retaining wall. The reason for delay is same as stated in Sl.No.3 above.
8. Work was delayed due to delay in obtaining forest clearance and objections from the land owners. The expenditure shown is for material booking from SIMPED. Construction of water conductor is under progress.
9. Construction of water conductor and Forebay tank is under progress. The reason for delay is same as Sl.No.3 above.
10. Construction of water conductor, Forebay Tank and Overflow channel completed. Work of penstock pipe and Power house is under progress. The reason for delay is same as Sl.No.3 above.


Construction of 66 KV S/C Tr. Line from 132/66 KV S/Y at Rabongla to Central University with 66/11 KV 2x5 MVA S/Stn. at Yangang, South Sikkim.





Progress of work slightly low due to land acquisition, rainy season and difficult terrain.


Procurement, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of 132/66 KV, 20 MVA Power Transformer for 132/66 KV Substation at Kyongsa, Ghalshing, West  Sikkim including Electrification of the Chenrezig Shingkham Riwo Potala at Sangha Choeling, Pelling in West Sikkim.





Part A of the project namely procurement, erection, testing and commissioning of 20 MVA, 132/66 KV S/S at Kyongsa, Gyalshing, West Sikkim have been completed.

The part B of the project namely Electrification of the Chenrezig Shingkham Riwo Potala at Sangha Choeling, Pelling in West Sikkim is in the tendering process and the work has not as yet been started.