Power Department of Sikkim OR Sikkim Power Department
Panan HEP

Panan Hydro Electric Project is a Run - of - River project with limited day storage capacity, utilizes the flows of Tolung chu, a tributary to Teesta river. A maximum gross head 360 m between dam site and Powerhouse is proposed to be utilized for power generation. A small reservoir of adequate capacity has been provided as an Operating pool to meet the diurnal peaking load demands. The proposed project envisages construction of 115 m high concrete dam, Sluice spillway, Intake, Desiliting basins, on right bank, about 9.549 KM long 6 m Internal diameter of HRT, Surge Shaft of 15 m diameter, 102 m high, 3.4 m diameter pressure shaft & surface Power house, 53m wide, 40 m long TRC including GIS and Pot Head Yard. The design energy is annual energy in 90% dependable year (1999-00), 95% Machine availability with installed capacity of 300 MW, i.e. 1147.82 GWH. After Auxillary consumption and free power supply (12% during first 15 years and 15% during next 20 years) to the Sikkim state, the rest of the power will be available for sale.

Location: The project area is located in North Sikkim, Sikkim state

Coordinates of major structures:

Dam: 27°33'30" N to 88°26'27" and
Power House: 27°31'15" N to 88°31'30"
Financial Closure

PFC as Lead lender given sanction letter in March 2013 and REC is considering for the balance debt in the next board meeting scheduled in Sept 2013. Financial closure is expected by Sept/Oct 2013

Evacuation Transmission Works Status

For evacuation of power from HEPs which are proposed to be developed in the Northern part of Sikkim, a major pooling station with voltage level 400/132 KV is envisaged to be established at Mangan by PGCIL. This Pooling station will be interconnected to the grid by Liloing of the 400 KV Teesta - III - Kishanganj Quad D/C line being developed under joint sector by PGCIL and Teesta Urja.

As per new regulation notified by CERC vide notification No : L-1 /(3)/2009 - CERC dated 7th Aug 2009 in chapter - 3 para - 8, central transmission utility i.e. PGCIL is to construct a dedicated line to the point of connection to enable connectivity to grid for hydro generating station of 250 MW and above. M/s HHEPL have already taken up this matter with PGCIL for obtaining connectivity of Panan HEP to the grid and also to seek long term access from them to facilitate evacuation of Panan Power.

Application for granting connectivity was submitted to PGCIL and matter was discussed in recent PGCIL's meeting at Delhi on 27.08.13.

Status of EPC Contract

(As on 30th August 2013)

Bids for Civil works, Electro Mechanical works, Hydro Mechanical works are floated in ICB route.

Civil works: Bids are received, bid evaluation is in progress.

Electro Mechanical works: Bids are received, bid evaluation is in progress.

Hydro Mechanical works: Last date for submission of bids is 31.10.13.