Power Department of Sikkim OR Sikkim Power Department
Dikchu HEP

Sneha Kinetic Power Projects Ltd. (SKPPL) is developing the Dikchu Hydro Electric Project of capacity 96 MW. It is located in the state of Sikkim on Dikchu River which is the tributary of Teesta River. All components of projects is situated in North Sikkim. Only approach road and other infrastructure is situated in East Sikkim. All access roads of project i.e. permanent and for construction purpose are completed. Main construction machineries mobilization, installation and induction like crusher plants, batching plants, drill jamboos, shotcrete/concrete machines, excavators etc is completed. All Main components of the project has been started and is under progress expect transmission line. E&M ecquipments like MIV and rotor etc was received at site. For construction power SKPPL is constructed the substation at Lingdok which is under Operation. The details of main components of projects are given below:-

1. Diversion Dam:

River Diversion Dam is located at 150m down stream from confluence of Rate Chu and Bakchachu Lingdok, East and North Sikkim. The coordinate Latitude & Longitude is: 27° 23'41" N;88° 35'E.

Diversion dam works is started. The construction of RCC river diversion channel is completed. River has been diverted in diversion channel in Dec 2012. The dam total length of 93m is divided in 5 blocks in which 2 blocks namely Block - 2 & 3 are overflow block, its excavation and foundation treatment is completed and concreting is under progress.

Coordinate of Dam in Latitude & Longitude is: 27° 23' 41" N; 88°35' E.

2. Head Race Tunnel:

Head Race Tunnel is passing through Phodong Block, Ramthang and Tanek area in North Sikkim

Excavation of adit - 1 & 2 is completed and excavation of 4.80m finished dia HRT between Adit - 1 and Adit - 2 also completed, arrangement for concrete lining is in progress. Presently HRT Downstream Face of Adit - 2 is in progress. For remaining Faces the Excavation of two Adits namely Adit - 2A & Adit - 3 to HRT is in progress. 1.9 KM excavation of HRT is completed out of 5.4 KM. So far.

3. Surge Shaft:

Surge Shaft is located underground at Tanek block, North Sikkim. The coordinate Latitude & Longitude is 27° 24'55" N; 88° 31' 40" E.

Approach road to Adit of surge shaft is completed. Type of surge shaft is underground and 10.50m finished dia. Adit to top of Surge shaft chamber is in progress.

4. Power House:

Underground type of Power House is located at Dikchu in right of Dikchu river, North Sikkim. It is the 450m upstream from Dikchu Bazar. The coordinate Latitude & Longitude is 27° 24'45" N; 88° 31'40" E.

Access Road and Permanent Bridge is constructed. Excavation of all tunnels at Power House site is completed expected 35m excavation of units TRT and penstocks. Mass excavation of Transformer is completed and Power house cavern is in progress. Excavation of Power house cavern is completed up to EL 581m out of EL 565.00m.

Financial Closure

a) 745 Crores (The revised project cost informed vide Letter NOSKPPPL/TEC/E&P Dept/2011-12/01 dt 09.02.2012

b) Debt - Equity Ratio (in case Financial Closure is pending the tentative details may be given)


c) Date of Financial Closure (in case the same is pending, the status of debt tie up so far may be indicated)

IDBI (Lead Bank), ICICI and PFS (PTC Finance Service) Consortium had provided the loan. The common loan agreement is already entered.

d) Financial Progress (the debt and equity invested in the project as on last audited balance sheet and also as on latest possible date may be indicated)

Rs. 509.43 crores up to June-13.

Evacuation Transmission Works Status

a) Features of Power Evacuation/Details of Pooling Point

i) As per earlier proposal the Eastern Grid Regional Steering Committee has decided that

  • CTU shall build the mangan Pooling Station
  • STU shall build the Mangan - Gangtok 132 kV line
  • Developer shall inject power by LILO into STU line

Now proposed (220 KV line from Chungthang to Rengpo with pooling station at Dikchu).

  • Proposal agreed and approved in principle.
  • No formal communication to us till date.
  • No process initiated for ROW and identification of land as on date.
  • Financing plan of the scheme not yet finalized
  • Survey already completed by us at our own cost in co-ordination with Power Deptt.
Status of EPC Contract

(As on 4th October 2013)

LOI Issued to M/S Haridraw Infrastructure Ltd as an EPC Contract