Power Department of Sikkim OR Sikkim Power Department
Bhasmey HEP

The Bhasmey Hydro Electric Project is being developed in the East District of Sikkim on Rangpo River (a major tributary of Teesta River), about 6 kilometers upstream of Rangpo Bazaar area. The Project is of 51 MW capacity and envisages a peaking power plant comprising of daily storage, a diversion arrangement with Concrete gravity Dam of 42 meters height and four gated barrage spillway, an Intake Structure, a Head Race Tunnel, Surge Shaft, an underground Valve chamber, a Pressure Shaft, an outdoor Powerhouse and an outdoor GIS type Switchyard. The Dam will divert the water through the Intake to the Head Race Tunnel of 5 meter diameter and 4580 meters length. A Surge Shaft of 14.0 m diameter and an overall height of 97.5 meters and orifice size of 5.0 meter has been provided. The underground main pressure shaft of 3.4 meter diameter steel lined will be 465 meter in length with a Y piece proposed at the end for bifurcation of main pressure shaft into two units shafts each of 2.4 meter diameter. The Surface Power house is located on the right bank of Rangpo River with Tailrace and an outdoor GIS type Switchyard.

Co-ordinates of Major Structures:

Dam - N3008665.31 E 658815.61 , N3008809.35 E658773.75
Surge Shaft - N3008380.000 E654633.283
Power House -
U1: N3008088.951 E654283.545
U2: N3008088.951 E654296.545
Financial Closure

Financial closure was achieved on 26th March 2010 for a Project Cost of INR 408.49 Cr with 70:30 debt equity ratio.

Evacuation Transmission Works Status

As per agreement signed (Clause no. 3.9) evacuation of power is in the scope of Energy & Power Department, Government of Sikkim

Status of EPC Contract

(As on 31st August 2013)

Civil Contract Awarded in Feb'10 to M/s. Simplex Infra. Ltd.

E&M Contract Awarded in Mar'10 to M/s Voith Siemens Ltd.

HM Contract Awarded in Dec'11 to M/s PES Engineering Pvt. Ltd.