Power Department of Sikkim OR Sikkim Power Department
Tariff Proposal 2018-2019 available in notifications section below | Electricity usage bills for the month of November 2017 of new HT consumers under remote metering system provided in notifications section below | Detailed Procedure for Grant of Connectivity and Open Access in Intra-State Transmission System provided in notifications section below | E-Procurement Notice of SREDA provided in notifications section below | Govt. of Sikkim signs MOU on "UDAY" - Ujjwal Discom Assurance Yojana. Please read the highlighted news section below | Link to read about the achievements of Power Department also provided below.

Message From the Minister

It gives me immense pleasure to congratulate each and every personnel of the Energy and Power Department for having collected good revenue since the past couple of years.
   The vision of Shri. Pawan Chamling, Hon'ble Chief Minister to make Sikkim a sustainable ,vibrant, and Happy State is achieve-able if only we give our 100 percent towards that goal. I request all personnel to kindly work towards a better Sikkim.
I quote Norman Vincent Peale -"Repetition of the same thought or physical action develops into a habit which, repeated frequently enough, becomes an automatic reflex." what it means is that if you works towards a good goal that is what you shall achieve and the opposite is also true.
In the end I request all to kindly visit the website everyday and keep yourself informed.

Shri. D.D.Bhutia Hon'ble Minister

From the Secretary's Desk

The Energy and Power Department has been growing in leaps and bounds for the past twenty years.
Since its formation, the department has made tremendous progress towards the up-gradation of systems, electrification of the state covering the mountainous terrains. With assistance from various State/ Central Government Assistant schemes . Improvement has been seen in activities such as T & D loss reduction,total metering, streamlined billing , revenue collection, handling consumer grievances and other value added services
We are committed towards strengthening of safety , loss reduction and promoting environmental protection. All the employees of the Energy & Power, Government of Sikkim should continually work hard to come up to the era of fast growing technological change and innovation towards an efficient and reliable electricity network.
The exercise is a big task and requires support from all the stake holders, whole heartedly -for maintaining "An Ongoing Success Story". I am immensely proud of the contribution made by the 'Department' for overall growth & prosperity of the State of Sikkim .
The Honourable Chief Ministers scheme of 100 units free electricity per month for the Rural poor should be made a grand success.

Shri. N.T.Bhutia PCE cum Secretary
DRAFT SOR 2017-18

This is to inform you that any individual/organization who desires to make electricity bill payments through Electronic Fund Transfer mechanism (RTGS/NEFT) are now welcome to do so. The following steps needs to be followed during the process of making the payment;
  1. Register at our portal www.powerdepartmentsikkim.com. If there are multiple electricity accounts, you need to register separately for individual accounts.
  2. One time entry of your account details.
  3. Make actual RTGS/NEFT transaction and note the UTR number.
  4. IMPORTANT: Revisit the portal www.powerdepartmentsikkim.com and log into your account once again. You will be prompted for the UTR Number. Enter the UTR number and amount correctly. This step is vital for tracking your payment. Failure to enter correct UTR Number will result in failed transaction and your payment will not be updated/acknowledged by the system even though you may have paid the sum.
These steps on your part will ensure that your payments are credited to our books at Energy & Power Department correctly on a 24 hour cycle.

Details of designated bank of Energy & Power Department (payee bank) are as follows;

A/C No: 100135003100001

NOTE: This facility is presently extended only for those consumers who are billed from Gangtok (electricity bill having bar code). Consumers outside Gangtok will be included phase wise at a later date.